William Park

Hello, I specialize in

based in Northern Ireland.

Who am I?

My name is William. I love to explore the world of design and be a part of it. I create experiences that bring life to your everyday devices.

How can I help you?

I can help you with websites and graphics. I specialize in designing and developing modern websites. I also do Graphic Design, so I can create designs for print, or online content.
Get in touch!

I’m also looking for placement in a workplace. If this is something you could help me with I would love for you to get in touch!

Latest Posts

Flexible Web Design

Posted: 10 November 2016

If you're building a website that is anything more than an experiment it should always be in your interest to build a website as flexible as possible...

Building The Portfolio

Posted: 08 November 2016

It is only natural in my opinion, that the first article wrote on this website should be about the website itself. I'll start with what I wanted this website to be...