William Park

My work & I

My name is William, as I’m sure you have gathered! I am an Interaction Designer based in Northern Ireland. What does that mean? I create designs for anything you interact with - websites, posters, business cards - you name it!

Careful consideration goes into all my designs. I strive to make my designs modern and as interactive as they can be, while ensuring they are accessible.

My Journey So far...

When I first got myself a computer it was not long before I entrenched myself in the creative possibilities of using software such as Photoshop. I didn't know anything about design, and I mostly did silly things in Photoshop, but little did I know I was teaching myself how to use industry standard tools.

Getting inspired is something that, over the years, has pushed me to explore different areas of computing. I've had a go at everything from 3D modelling to building games. I find teaching myself an effective way to learn and I enjoy it. I found myself to enjoy code and graphics as my favorite hobbies.

As I became more focused I decided to go to University to study the theory of design to go along with my self-taught technical knowledge. I can truthfully say I have learned a lot studying in Interaction Design. That is not to say I don't work on side projects at home any more, however!


Today I'm looking for placement for my third year at University so I can continue to expand my knowledge, but also start to bring my skills into the real world!