William Park

Lets Learn Elements Website

A website built to practice designing for a user that is not myself.

Lets learn elements was created for a University project which tasked me with designing a website to teach elements from the periodic table. The main focus was gearing it towards a certain audience. I chose to aim at kids aged about 12, who are studying for key stage 3.

Designing something for a young audience requires a fair bit of research before you dive in. Consideration towards the visual design is important, but also other things, like how to hold their attention, or even what content to include, are things to also consider.

I started my research with trying to figure out what content should be on the website, after all, content is key. Luckily my brother is aged about 12, and studying science at school, so I had a look through his work books to see what key things were mentioned about elements. I also visited websites like BBC’s bitesize to see what types of content they included in their teachings. I ended up with a list of stuff I wanted to include.

I then looked at how I should include this content while keeping a 12 year olds attention. I decided small chunks of information is better, supported by a bit of gamification to engage the user. I used quizzes give you points which save across different pages of the website so the user invests in the points, making them want to continue to collect them. Another way I try to keep the user engaged is by adding a bit of personalization to the page through asking for their name and including it in key moments of the site.

To have the power to do what I wanted to with this website I used NodeJS with an Express web server, hosted on a VPS. This gave me the power to use the templating engine “Pug” (also known previously as Jade) so I could create the pages dynamically from raw data. It also helped me with the personalization and quiz elements.

I think this project shows my passion for adding a bit of interactivity into my designs to create something unique.